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How ethical is Plamil?

Plamil, a Plamil Foods Ltd. brand is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s top-rated ethical chocolate brands. This brand receives a high Good Shopping Guide ethical score in our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table and passes our ethical benchmark resulting in it being considered an ethical chocolate brand. The next step that Plamil as a brand could take would be to apply for our Ethical Accreditation to further increase customer confidence and  solidify its ethical standing within the industry. The Good Shopping Guide encourages other brands in the Chocolate sector to look at Plamil and follow this as an example of operating ethically. Plamil produces ethical chocolate and receives high ratings in most categories that we assess.

What does Plamil do?

Plamil was set up in the 1960s with the aim of producing alternatives to dairy milk in a different range of foods. Plamil chocolate makes a large range of award-winning chocolates including dairy-free, organic chocolate and ‘no added sugar’ bars including an organic chocolate spread.

The brand is very proud of its ethical operations stating that ethics are always high on its agenda not just within sourcing ingredients but throughout the way it operates its business.

In what areas does Plamil perform well? 

Plamil performs well in its Environmental Report; the brand discusses how it addresses cocoa industry issues, also discussing environmental areas of business including details on how it is tackling this. Its Policies page does not outline specific targets but provides a large amount of detailed information, especially for a small company, and due to this Plamil receives a good rating.

Plamil has a policy stating it does not use Genetically Modified ingredients within its products, it offers Organic chocolate that is certified by the EU. Vegetarian products are produced by this brand and are qualified by the Vegetarian Society.

How could Plamil rate higher on our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Tables? 

Due to its high score, Plamil is eligible for Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide, this is assessed by looking at how the Environment, Animals and People are treated and considered by a brand. Read more on How We Rate.

Ethical Accreditation increases customers’ confidence in a brand and is a certification for a business to prove that they reach an ethical benchmark. To improve its score, Plamil could look into making all of its products Fairtrade; whilst they do offer some Fairtrade products, not everything produced by this brand receives Fairtrade approval.

If you own or work for a chocolate brand, you can get in touch, or fill out our initial assessment form to find out more about the Ethical Accreditation process.

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