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How ethical is Plenish?

Plenish is a highly rated ethical plant-based milk brand in The Good Shopping Guide’s Rating Tables. The company receives an excellent Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score in our Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Table, passing our ethical requirements and being rated a good ethical brand. We urge other vegan milk businesses to examine Plenish’s ethical policies and learn from them in order to operate more responsibly. For more information on the benefit of organic milk and vegan, see The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Vegan Milk.

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What does Plenish do?

Plenish is a plant-based brand that is dedicated to producing organic products. In 2012 the brand launched the UK’s first cold-pressed juice range and since then has expanded into producing plant-based milk and juice shots. The products produced are made with all organic ingredients and no additives. Plenish was acquired by Britvic Plc in 2021.

In what areas does Plenish perform well? 

Plenish performs well under all of our criteria. The brand produces 100% organic products that are certified by the Soil Association which also rules out any GMO usage in its products. Plenish’s parent company has laid out several targets for 2025 and in past years has provided evidence of its sustainability performance. The brand also has no evidence of links to any Armaments, Political Donations or Public Record Criticisms.

How could Plenish rate higher on our Ethical Vegan Milk Ratings Tables? 

Plenish has a very high score, making it suitable for Ethical Accreditation. Three primary research criteria (the Environment, Animals, and People—and several sub-criteria—as well as how much the brand takes into account these factors in its business practices) are used to calculate this Ethical Score. Find out more about our rating system and brand ethics research here.

Why not look at our Ethical Accreditation if your company sells vegan milk? Our corporate ethics advice, sustainability certification, and Ethical Mark have benefitted hundreds of popular brands. Contact us if you have questions about Ethical Accreditation for your vegan milk business. You can also fill out an initial form to receive a quick analysis of your brand’s ethics and sustainability to get your Ethical Accreditation process started.

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