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How ethical is Rangemaster?

Rangemaster is included in The Good Shopping Guide’s Cookers Ethical Ratings Table. The brand meets our ethical standards for good ethical brands by earning a satisfying Good Shopping Guide ethical score. We urge other Cooker brands to adopt higher standards of ethics and behaviour by modelling themselves after Rangemaster.

More information on the issues this industry faces may be found in The Good Shopping Guide to eco-friendly cooker brands. Then, in our Cookers Ethical Ratings Table, compare Rangemaster to other brands.

What does Rangemaster do?

Rangemaster began in 1830 in Royal Leamington Spa, producing range cookers, appliances, sinks and taps. The brand describes itself as “Britain’s best-loved cooker brand” selling small kitchen appliances, as well as built-in cookers, and a speciality in range cookers. Rangemaster is a part of AGA and was acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2015. Read more on the Rangemaster here.

In what areas does Rangemaster perform well? 

Rangemaster performs well in many areas of ethical business practice. Rangemaster receives a high Ethical Rating in our Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuel and Armament categories, as it has no links to any issues regarding this. The brand also received a high score as it received no criticism for any Animal Welfare or Human Rights issues.

Despite Rangemaster’s parent company, The Middleby Corporation, donating over $9k in recent election cycles this is under our threshold and therefore the brand receives a high score.

How could Rangemaster rate higher on our Cookers Ethical Ratings Table

Rangemaster’s parent company, The Middleby Corporations, has a Sustainability Report that contains an Environmental section but no targets, the brand should release an Environmental Report with specific targets for ethical improvement and evidence on what the brand is doing to work towards these. Rangemaster should also provide more specific details within its Code of Conduct, which currently states that it will abide by countries’ laws where Rangemasters are made. The cooker brand should instead state specifics for child labour and working hours, rather than following country standards.

Rangemaster is eligible for Ethical Accreditation due to its Ethical Score according to The Good Shopping Guide, this is examined by looking at the Environment, Animals and People within a company and how much the brand considers this. Learn more about how we rate.

Ethical Accreditation boosts customer trust in a brand and serves as a certification for businesses to demonstrate that they meet an ethical standard.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a Cooker company that places ethics high on its priority list?

Contact us to learn more, or complete our short form for an initial sustainability and ethics evaluation.

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