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Raw Bean

How ethical is Raw Bean?

Raw Bean is a high-rated ethical coffee brand on The Good Shopping Guide. In our Ethical Coffee Ratings Table, the brand obtains a satisfactory Good Shopping Guide score and thereby passes our ethical criterion as a good ethical brand. We encourage other coffee companies to follow Raw Bean’s lead and implement more ethical rules and procedures. Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Coffee for additional information on the organic coffee business and compare it to other products in our Ethical Coffee Ratings Table.

What does Raw Bean do?

Raw Bean was established in 2012 by Alex Cox with a mission to serve high-quality coffee whilst minimising its impact on the environment. The brand produces ethical coffee sold in recyclable pods, coffee bean bags and a specific Fairtrade coffee range.

In what areas does Raw Bean perform well? 

Raw Bean performs well in many areas of business. The brand received a top rating in regard to its Environmental Report; it has a sustainability page on its website that discusses ethics, social responsibility and ethically-friendly sourcing. It comments on recyclable packaging and how to recycle its coffee pods. The brand also donates 5p from every product sold by Sainsbury’s or Waitrose to help feed people in need, making this one of the best supermarket coffee brands to purchase. Read more about Raw Beans sustainability efforts.
Some of Raw Bean’s products are Soil Association certified, with no animal welfare or public record criticisms.

How could Raw Bean rate higher on our Ethical Coffee Ratings Tables? 

Raw Bean is eligible for Ethical Accreditation due to its satisfactory score according to The Good Shopping Guide; a brand is examined by looking at how a brand considers the Environment, Animals, and People within the company. Learn more about how we rate.

Ethical Accreditation boosts customer trust in a brand and serves as a certification for businesses to demonstrate that they meet an ethical standard. Raw Bean could improve its ethical rating score further by producing Fairtrade coffee to ensure that those creating the ingredients for its products are compensated fairly. Raw Bean should also release a statement on the usage of Genetically Modified ingredients as the brand has no policy against this, but also no criticisms.


If your ethical coffee brand could benefit from Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide, get in touch, or fill out our super-quick initial assessment form.

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