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How ethical and sustainable is Soothers? 

Soothers is included in The Good Shopping Guide‘s Cold Remedies Ethical Ratings Table. Soothers has yet to meet our ethical standards, but we believe that in the future, the brand will make the necessary changes to function as a more ethical organisation. Soothers might increase consumer trust by applying for Ethical Accreditation, which would include a more complete examination and suggestions for ethical development.

Are you interested in seeing how Soothers rates against other brands within the Ethical Cold Remedies sector? Visit the Cold Remedies Ethical Ratings Table. From The Good Shopping Guide’s Ratings Tables, you can learn more about the criteria that our top-rated brands have fulfilled.

What does Soothers do?

Halls Soothers were introduced in 1893 and are oval cough sweets sold in a range of flavours. These flavours include blackcurrant, cherry, peach & raspberry, strawberry and honey & lemon. The product helps to coat and soothe sore throats in order to relieve irritations such as dryness. Soothers are owned by Mondelēz.

For which criteria does Soothers perform poorly? 

Soothers recieved a bad rating for the usage of GM products, political funding, and animal welfare. This is a result of Mondelēz, the parent company of Soothers, having little to no proof that animal welfare is a commercial concern and having no clear policy on animal welfare that states that this is not something that is considered within its supply chain.

Mondelēz made a statement about genetically modified ingredients and how and why they can be utilised to create products, indicating that the company does indeed use GMOs in its manufacturing. Additionally, the company has contributed thousands over the previous few years to US political campaigns.

Past Criticisms of Soothers’ ethical record

The parent company Mondelēz is where the largest ethical problems exist for Soothers. It was charged with using child labour in April 2022 after an inquiry in Ghana turned up video from a cocoa field in its supply chain showing kids as young as 10 years old working there. The company has also been accused of acquiring palm oil from allegedly dishonest and harmful sources.

In what areas does Soothers score well for its ethics?

Soothers receives a high score due to reports issued by its parent business that detail the environmental adjustments to be implemented in the upcoming years and set forth company goals to move towards a more ethical future, resulting in a high score for environmental impact. The brand has no irresponsible marketing, nuclear or armaments criticisms to take into account.

How can Soothers improve its ethical rating?

The Ethical rating of a brand is divided into three categories by The Good Shopping Guide: the Environment, People and Animals. Find out more about how we rate.

Soothers might apply for Ethical Accreditation for more detailed guidance on how to improve. Soothers may improve its rating and fulfil our fundamental ethical requirements by reviewing the supply chain and contributing factors would push the brand in the correct direction.

Are you curious about how obtaining Ethical Accreditation could be beneficial for your brand? Accredited brands can display The Good Shopping Guide mark, showcasing to consumers that it can be trusted as an ethical and sustainable brand. Visit our Ratings Tables to learn about which brands within the Ethical Cold Remedies sector have been awarded with our ethical certification.

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