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Is Swinton an ethical insurance brand?

Owned by The Ardonagh Group Ltd, Swinton receives an excellent The Good Shopping Guide, making it one of our best insurance providers within the Ethical Insurance sector.

Due to its above benchmark score, if Swinton was to apply for Ethical Accreditation we could award it with our Ethical Mark. Our logo allows consumers to easily recognise ethical brands and make the most sustainable buying choices.

To see how well other brands rate against Swinton within the Ethical Insurance sector, take a look at the Ethical Insurance Ratings Table. The table can help you to find out more about the criteria that a brand has to meet in order to meet our minimum Ethical Benchmark.

The Good Shopping Guide encourages all brands to follow in the footsteps of our top-rated brands to introduce more ethical practices and procedures and apply for Ethical Accreditation.

What makes Swinton an ethical insurance brand?

Swinton receives a top score in many of The Good Shopping Guide’s categories. This includes Political Donations, Irresponsible Lending and Environmental Destruction, where no negative criticisms were found.

What does Swinton receive a bottom score for?

Unfortunately, Swinton has a few middle ratings and one bottom rating which brings its overall score down.

Swinton receives a middle rating in our Environmental Report category. This is because despite its most recent Annual Report briefly mentioning some targets, it lacks detailed sustainability goals. It also receives a middle score in the categories of Climate Disclosure and Carbon Disclosure and Reduction Targets due not setting a clear deadline for its Net Zero target.

What can Swinton do to improve its score? 

The score that Swinton receives within The Good Shopping Guide is the result of a calculation of multiple ethical criteria. If Swinton were to improve upon its bottom and middle ratings, it could see its score rise and could see itself becoming one of The Good Shopping Guide’s best insurance companies.

As Swinton’s score is above our minimum Ethical Benchmark, if it applied for Ethical Accreditation it would be awarded with The Good Shopping Guide’s logo.

Fill out an Initial Sustainability & Ethics form if you work for an Ethical Insurance brand or company, and would like more information about registering and accrediting your brand with The Good Shopping Guide. With the help of this brief form, your certification application is launched. If you have any questions about the benefits of Ethical Accreditation for your company, brand, or product, get in touch with us.

If you’re looking for methods to enhance your company’s CSR or sustainability programmes, get in touch with The Good Shopping Guide for personalised ethics advice.

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