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Is Three ethical and sustainable?

Three (or 3) is a mobile phone network owned by the Hong Kong-based CK Hutchinson Holdings. It is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s well-rated ethical brands. The brand receives a poor Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score in our Ethical Mobile Phone Networks Ratings Table and therefore does not pass our Ethical Benchmark, and cannot be considered a good ethical brand.

We encourage other companies, as well as Three, in the Mobile Phones Networks sector to keep striving for change and adopt more ethical policies and practices.

In what areas does Three perform well for its ethics and sustainability?

Three performs well in some categories of our research, receiving satisfactory scores in categories affecting Environment, Animals, and People. Three has a good rating for Nuclear investments and involvement; this company has not been found to have shares in the Nuclear industry.

In what areas does Three perform poorly for its ethics and sustainability?

Three’s environment page states that they are setting up a Net Zero aim and provides some evidence of progress, however, it is lacking in targets and specifics, however, Three is not included in the 2021 Sustainability Report from CK Hutchison.

One of the other subsidiaries of CK Hutchinson Holdings, HUTCHMED, has a biopharmaceutical lab in China, specialising in cancer drug research. Animal testing is conducted at these labs, and so this might affect the buying choices of some consumers concerned about animal welfare. Three itself, however, scores highly for our Animal welfare criteria.

See the Three’s website to find out more about its Corporate Social Responsibility report.

If your mobile phone network brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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