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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

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Is TSB ethical?

TSB has been researched and ranked in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Banks & Building Societies Ratings Table and receives a low score.

Although our ethical requirements have not yet been met by this company, we hope that in the future, it will make the necessary adjustments to operate as a more ethical business.

More information on the ethical issues faced by the sector, may be found in The Good Shopping Guide’s article on Ethical Banking. You can also use our Ethical Banks & Building Societies Ratings Table to compare TSB to other banks.

What does TSB do?

TSB is a British bank owned by Sabadell Group, a Spanish financial services company. TSB was previously merged with Lloyds and renamed to Lloyds TSB in 1999, but the company split in 2014 and TSB is no longer affiliated with Lloyds. In 2015, TSB was acquired by Sabadell and remains its subsidiary today.

For which criteria does TSB score poorly? 

TSB receives a bottom rating for Irresponsible Lending, as its parent company, Sabadell Group has come under fire for financing unethical businesses. For instance, Sabadell was named in the 2022 Don’t Buy Into Occupation report for being one of the Top 10 creditors to businesses involved in illegal Israeli settlements.

In what areas does TSB score well for its ethics?

As neither TSB nor Sabadell have been found to have made any political donations in the past 5 years and the company therefore receives a top rating for Political Donations.

How can TSB improve its ethical rating?

The ethical rating of a Finance brand is divided into three categories by The Good Shopping Guide: the Environment, People and Other. Find out more about how we rate.

TSB could improve in several areas to attain a higher score in The Good Shopping Guide. We recommend that the company ceased investments in unethical industries to eventually achieve a top rating for Irresponsible Lending.

If you’re interested in learning more about achieving Ethical Accreditation for your brand, please contact us or complete a Free Initial Assessment form.

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