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Your Co-op

Is Your Co-op a sustainable mobile network provider?

Your Co-op (previously known as The Phone Co-op) is a mobile network provider, owned by The Midcounties Co-operative Ltd. This brand has been ranked on our Mobile Networks: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table, and given an Ethical Rating that surpasses our Ethical Benchmark. Your Co-op can therefore be counted as an excellent ethical mobile network provider. If you’re thinking of switching network providers, Your Co-op could be a good, ethical choice!

A brand’s Ethical Rating and position on our Ratings Tables is defined by its brand ethics, sustainability and CSR policies in relation to the Environment, People and Animals.

Because of Your Co-op’s good Ethical Rating, it is eligible for Ethical Accreditation. Your Co-op’s position on the Mobile Networks: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table could even increase, as part of the Application process opens the company up for even further investigation, and each brand is given tailored advice on how to improve its sustainability and business ethics.

Find out more about Mobile Networks and the ethical issues that this industry faces by reading our comprehensive sector guide.

About Your Co-op

A consumer cooperative in the UK – once called The Phone Co-op, now You Co-op- offers landline, mobile, and internet services, like web hosting and broadband. It is now a part of the Midcounties Co-operative, the biggest independent co-operative in the UK, and is owned by the company’s customers, who also participate in its earnings and democratically run the operation. Your Co-op is the only telephone cooperative in the UK as a result. Your Co-op is a social enterprise.

The company is certified to display the Fair Tax Mark and pays livable wages to its employees.

Your Co-op: its environmental impact and Environmental Reports

Your Co-op receives only a middle rating for its Environmental Report. Midcounties Co-op has a Sustainability section in its Annual Report, which contains evidence of environmental progress and a lessening negative environmental impact. There is also a Climate Action Report which contains a target for being Net Zero by 2040; however, there is only one target published, so this Environmental Report receives a middle rating in this category.

If You Co-op wants to improve its Ethical Rating, it should add more detailed targets to its Climate Action Report. Then, it could see its position rise on our Mobile Networks: Ethical Comparison Ratings Table.

Your Co-op’s brand ethics

For most of our other Ethical Ratings criteria, Your Co-op scores very well in our Animal Welfare and Human Rights research categories. There is much to be commended about the ethical ethos of this social enterprise.

If your mobile network provider values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide‘s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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