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Mooncup was one of the founding members of The Ethical Company Organisation’s Ethical Accreditation scheme when the company was first awarded Ethical Company status back in 2004.  

Mooncup has consistently ranked as one of the top-ranking brands in The Good Shopping Guide’s research over the years and receives an Ethical Company Index (ECI) score of 100 – reflecting the company’s commitment to the Environment, People and Animals.

Mooncup is the original, soft silicone menstrual cup – offering a healthier and convenient alternative to tampons and pads.

The Mooncup is made to last for years, which can help dramatically reduce the waste we produce – just one person can use more than 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime and each year, over 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of globally.

Mooncup is certified by the Vegan Society and comes in a Fairtrade, unbleached organic cotton storage bag.

The latest Feminine Care research rankings can be found here and head over to the Mooncup website, which includes many interesting facts and figures on why Mooncup is an ethical choice.

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