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Ethical Insurance: Arma Karma

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is happy to announce that Arma Karma, the ethical insurance option for renters, is the latest recipient of our Ethical Company Award and one of the top placements in our Ethical Insurance Rating Table. 

Arma Karma is an Ethical Insurance company with ethics and sustainability at the heart, and this was reflected in the findings of our ethical assessment of the company. Amongst the many criteria that Arma Karma is assessed on, they can largely be grouped under the headings of Environment, People and sector-specific measures.

Firstly, Arma Karma received a top rating across all criteria relevant to Environment. This is due to not requiring energy consumption for the manufacturing of its products, yet still actively taking steps concerning sustainability. This includes monitoring, reducing and even offsetting its carbon emissions through Ecologi, making Arma Karma a carbon-negative business.

Secondly, Arma Karma excelled in the People-related section of our assessment. This is attributed to factors such as not trying to unduly influence the democratic process through political donations or making irresponsible lending to problematic sectors. In addition to this, Arma Karma is a certified Living Wage Employer, as it believes in paying a ‘real living wage’, as opposed to the minimum required, which is evidence of ethical consideration for employees.

Lastly, in regards to the sector-specific criteria, Arma Karma again excelled. This is due to factors such as having a responsible investment policy and no public record criticisms of the business or its operations. Whilst this can be expected of an Ethical Insurer, Arma Karma again exceeds expectations when their charitable activities are taken into consideration. Currently, this includes the ongoing #ProjectMillion, wherein Arma Karma is aiming to raise £1 million for charity across the next three years. Furthermore, 25% of every sale goes to a charity of the consumer’s choosing. Active partnerships presently include Railway Children, Rainforest Trust UK, ShelterBox and YoungMinds.

Overall, Arma Karma is a fantastic example of an ethical insurance broker that aims to both protect a consumer’s belongings, whilst supporting the causes that matter to them simultaneously. We applaud the ethical and sustainable initiatives throughout the business, particularly becoming carbon-negative and consistently supporting various charitable projects.


FInd out more about Arma Karma on its website:


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