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Naturaw delivers real dog food to your door!  Made using high welfare meats and packed in biodegradable packaging, Naturaw only includes fresh, natural, raw food – with no processed ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

The UK based company uses human-grade British meat – working closely with local farmers, gamekeepers and butchers to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare and low food miles.

Naturaw recently launched the first raw dog food in the UK to be independently certified as organic.

Since the company started, they have been committed to using sustainable and renewable resources wherever possible, so their products are packaged in biodegradable tubs and sleeves which can be composted or even just binned as they will break down within a few weeks.  All orders are packed in natural wool for insulation, rather than polystyrene

Naturaw receives a high-ranking Ethical Company Index score of 95 in The Good Shopping Guide’s latest analysis of Cat & Dog Food brands and has attained independent Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Find out more about the company, their values and range of raw pet foods on the Naturaw website.

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