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When one thinks of ethical shopping, what immediately comes to mind is fashion or cosmetics or even ethical tech. But what bank you use and what insurance policy provider you choose also have very real ethical implications.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll see familiar names covered in our ethical comparison rankings for Insurancebrands. Zurich, Churchill, Direct Line and Allianz comprise a large list of popular insurance providers that rank among the absolute worst for overall ethics.

Thankfully, a wave of ethical insurance options is also emerging. The movement is headed by the likes of Naturesave, who recently attained Ethical Accreditation status with a top scoring 89 ECI.

Naturesave – A Leading Ethical Insurance Provider

A green and ethical insurance company, Naturesave offers comprehensive insurance for individuals, companies and charities. Currently the ONLY insurance broker in the UK to include cover for your small renewable energy systems as standard in their household policy, this is an insurance provider you can trust who has a strong commitment to our environmental policy and ethical business practices.

In addition to the fact that 10% of selected premiums are donated to their charity, The Naturesave Trust – they have raised over half a million pounds for the Trust, which has been awarded to environmental and conservation projects across the UK. Their Home insurance customers receive eco discounts for energy efficient practices at home and commercial insurance customers receive a free Environmental Performance Review aimed at reducing their environmental impact of business operations.

Consumer Guide

A key question for individuals is which shares the money is invested in. According to Friends of the Earth, ‘the fate of the global environment is in large part under [institutional investors’] control, and yours too – because it is your money and you are their client’.

For more information, head over to the Insurance section of The Good Shopping Guide and review how your current provider ranks and compares.

Now with ethical accreditation, Naturesave is subject to annual independent audit by Ethical Company Organisation. They are highly recommended by us, and we suggest you check them out before purchasing your next insurance policy.  Also show your support and follow them on Twitter (@WeAreNaturesave).

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