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Green Bear UK

This company has gained Ethical Accreditation and are able to display our Ethical Company Award.
United Kingdom
Ethical Home & Office
First Awarded Ethical Accreditation: December 20th, 2021

Company Profile

Green Bear UK has been awarded Ethical Accreditation membership.  Green Bear UK sells environmentally friendly products online, including cleaning products, health and beauty products and a range of bamboo homeware products.  The company is aware of the responsibility of us all to respect our environment and therefore only select products that are environmentally benign or have clear environmental advantages over standard like for like products.  Green Bear designs and produces its own brand of household cleaning products and since 2009, it has added industrial consumers to its repertoire of products, including supplying & developing bespoke products for the industry which also benefits the domestic consumer.  GBPro is the company’s trade brand of concentrated products, which has become popular with companies wanting to contribute to helping our environment, whilst benefiting from being cost-effective in the long term.

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