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This company has gained Ethical Accreditation and they are also able to display Ethical Company and Ethical Award.

Ethical Health
First Awarded Ethical Accreditation: June 29th 2009

Company Profile

incognito has been awarded Ethical Accreditation membership. incognito is a powerful natural anti-insect spray.  It is a non greasy formulation, 100% natural and in contrast to a chemical mosquito repellent is kind to the skin and the environment.  incognito contains the maximum amount of the best quality organic citronella, along with eucalyptus and camphor.  Most of the ingredients have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of Asia who are well aware of the mosquito repellent effects and have used these ingredients for centuries to keep both mosquitoes and other insects away.  incognito also produce other natural products including shampoo, after-sun and soaps.

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