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Pooch & Mutt

This company has gained Ethical Accreditation and they are also able to display Ethical Company and Ethical Award.

Ethical Pet
First Awarded Ethical Accreditation: June 12th 2009

Company Profile

Pooch & Mutt has been awarded Ethical Accreditation membership. Pooch & Mutt produce a range of functional grain-free dog foods, treats and supplements which are hand made with a unique blend of natural ingredients to help target specific problems with dogs.  Their range of dog foods contain Nutra-Bionic – a supplement to aid joint health, digestive health, skin and coat, stool odour and urinary tract health and all their dog food is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and are GM free.  Pooch & Mutt is dedicated not only to producing the highest quality, but also to helping dogs lead happy healthy lives. They make a range of health supplements that can work as natural alternatives to medications. The range is designed to help with problems including mobility problems (arthritis, hip dysplasia, old age, growing pains), digestion (diahorrea, colitis, nutrient absorption), skin (itching, scratching, hot spots), coat (balding, moulting), weight loss/ obesity and more. Pooch & Mutt also has a range of treats for dog, each with a selection of natural active ingredients.

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