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We would like to extend our congratulations to The Caurnie Soaperie. The company successfully reattained Ethical Accreditation for another year, after passing our annual independent audit.

The Caurnie Soaperie in Kirkintilloch first opened in 1922, creating natural skin care products from organic herbs and essential oils. Having attained Ethical Accreditation since 2004, the brand has regularly featured atop the ethical company index for soap brands. In our latest research, they received an 88 ECI.

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— james little (@caurniesoap) March 15, 2018

The Soaperie itself has a unique quality with customers remarking that it has an “”Old Curiosity Shop”” feel, especially as whatever essential oil is being used at that time in the manufacture wafts throughout the building. Between 10am and 2pm on Tuesdays, the soaparie is open to visitors who want to buy soaps and witness the traditional soap making in production.

In addition to their traditional soaps, Caurnie also makes hair care products, moisturisers and body care products.

You can learn more and purchase Caurnie products on their website. You can also support them on Twitter (@caurniesoap).

*To learn why Caurnie ranks so highly on the ethical company index, review the soap section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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