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B&Q, a consistently top ranking ethical brand in The Good Shopping Guide, has committed to removing harmful pesticides from its plant range.

As many UK readers will know – B&Q is a massive chain. This move means it will become the first major home improvement retailer to announce a bee-friendly range of plant products. It’s a great step from a company already rated very highly in terms of overall ethical standing.

This news means that if you plan on swinging past one of the major retailers to get supplies for the garden this summer, then definitely consider heading over to your local B&Q. You can learn more about the company’s bee commitment here.

You can also learn more about B&Q’s impressive ethical comparison ranking in the Paint section as well as the Furniture section of our ethical shopping guide.

Finally, also visit the Bee Cause campaign hosted by Friends of the Earth to learn more about what you can do to support the bees! Here you can pick up a bee saver kit and learn about the importance of wild flowers.

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