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In June 2017, over 900 major US companies came together to sign the Are Still In declaration. Driven by Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, the declaration was intentionally organised as an act of defiance against Donald Trump’s political plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The companies that signed the declaration committed to not only achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, but to also exceed the parameters of the original commitment.

Now, some months later, the sustainability chiefs from Mars, Walmart, Coca-Cola Company and Kellogg’s (among others) attended the UN climate summit continuing to declare: ‘we are all in’.

Among the list of corporations to recently commit to science-based targets, Ethical Corporation reportsthat at the summit a “102-page America’s Pledge report” was released. It calculated “that greenhouse gas reduction targets already voluntarily set by 20 US states, 110 cities and 1,300 businesses amounted to 2.7 gigatonnes, 40% of US total greenhouse gas emissions”.

At the heart of the pledge is the “commitment of US non-federal actors to fulfil US climate commitments despite Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement”.

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