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Have a pet at home? You’ll be happy to hear another popular alternative ethical Pet Food brand has been awarded Ethical Accreditation!

We would like to congratulate Huxley Hound for recently being awarded Ethical Accreditation, having received a top ranking 91 ECI.

Huxley Hound is the world’s first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs, certified by the Vegetarian Society. Huxley Hound ‘Better Than Raw™’ treats have been developed using a dehydration process to unlock the essential nutrients in the organic vegetables which contain five times the goodness of the raw vegetable equivalent. The range includes: Organic Carrot; Organic Brocolli and Organic Beetroot.

See why Huxley Hound has received such a high ethical rating in the Cat & Dog Food section of The Good Shopping Guide.

You can also learn more about them here.

Also check them out on Twitter: @HuxleyHoundUK

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