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It’s National Vegetarian Week (Monday 19 – Sunday 25 May), and to take part we are encouraging all of our readers to go veggie! (Are you up for the challenge?).

If you were asked to go meat free for a week could you do it? What would you miss? Would you rather do something else instead?

In a recent YouGov survey the Vegetarian Society asked if people decided to stop eating meat entirely which dishes would you find it difficult to give up? Nearly half (49%) of British adults would find bacon sandwiches difficult to give up, and 45% would find fish and chips difficult to give up.

Of those who ate meat, if they were challenged to become vegetarian for a week, 27% said they would rather not drink alcohol for a week, while interestingly 47% said they would rather take up the challenge to become vegetarian than choose the other options.

In truth, there are plenty of reasons to join in the celebration of all things vegetarian and meat-free. With the pressing issue of climate change and with growing awareness about the need for more a sustainable society, going vegetarian is one of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact!

With a number of national events planned – including educational events about how to achieve a healthy and balanced vegetarian/meat-free diet – it should prove to be an inspiring few days, aimed at raising awareness of how healthy, tasty and ethical vegetarian food can be! For more information and for a schedule of events, please see

We also recommend that you see our Ethical Guide to Vegetarian Food, which provides lots of background information about vegetarian food as well as in-depth ethical research on which vegetarian companies and brands you should support or avoid.

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