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Mondelēz International, the company behind such biscuit brands as Oreo, Cadbury and Ritz, has revealed plans to use only 100% sustainably-sourced wheat in the EU.

The move comes following planned expansion of the company’s sustainable wheat initiative.

Wheat is the core ingredient in our biscuits. That is why we, in 2008, created the Harmony Charter – a sustainable partnership with actors along the wheat chain: from farmers to millers. The programme aims to favor local biodiversity, our biscuits quality and traceability. Today more than 1,700 European farmers have partnered with us as we commit to using Harmony wheat in 75 % of our biscuits sold in Western Europe by 2015.

Through the scheme, the world’s largest biscuit manufacture is seeking to incentivise sustainable practices throughout the wheat supply chain. The company cites climate change as one source of inspiration behind the initiative.

Mondelēz also recently announced that Oreo biscuits will be produced only using sustainable cocoa.

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