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Earlier in the year, Pret a Manger announced a plan to introduce a 50p reusable coffee cup discount. This discount was double the one the company had previously offered. The aim of the policy was to support and encourage a reduction in the amount of single-use disposable coffee cups discarded as waste.

In further steps to reduce plastic waste and coffee cup pollution, Pret has unveiled a range of reusable bottles. Designed by manufacturer Chilly’s, the 500ml bottles can be used for either hot or cold drinks, and are currently available in 14 stores for a retail price of £20.

Recently, Pret also launched a trial for the UK’s first plastic bottle deposit return scheme in three Brighton stores. As reported by Business Green, “Shoppers will pay an extra 10 pence for a plastic water bottle from these stores, which they will be able to claim back when Pret-branded bottles are returned to store.”

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