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A study by consumer group, Which?, has found that one-third of all UK supermarket plastic is not easily recyclable.

The investigation included 27 own-brand items at 10 major UK supermarkets. It was found that Morrisons ranked top, with 81% of packaging widely recyclable with 12% of packaging non-recyclable. At the bottom of the pile is Lidl, followed by Iceland and Ocado.

“Depending on the supermarket, between 12% and 22% of it was not recyclable: a significant amount of waste”, writes Which?. “We found key differences in some of the packaging used – showing there’s plenty more that most supermarkets could be doing to reduce their non-recyclable packaging”.

Another issues pointed out by the consumer group concerned “huge inconsistencies in the labelling of recycling information”, including the lack of a universal system of categorisation, while some products had no recycling information at all. They have called on supermarkets as well as the wider food industry to take more action, with emphasis also on the need for more effective leadership and plastic packaging policy by the UK Government.

To see what your favourite supermarket is doing to help combat plastic waste, a summary of current company policies can be found here.

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