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Greenpeace has released a new report, describing the shocking details of what the Guardian reports as “one of the most brutal Amazonian massacres in recent memory”. It is thought that more than a dozen US and European companies have actively imported timber from one of the Brazilian logging firms implicated in the barbarous violence.

The company is Madeireira Cedroarana, and its founder has been accused of ordering torture and murder, while US and EU buyers “allegedly continued trading with” the company “after police accused its founder, Valdelir João de Souza, of ordering the torture and murder of nine people in Colniza, Mato Grosso, on 19 April,” claims Greenpeace.

The NGO has continued to urge authorities, as well as industry, to take increased measures of scrutiny and policy action when it comes to Brazilian timber and its links to illegal sources in the supply chain.

You can read more here.

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