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Is Bupa an ethical insurance provider?

The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Insurance Ratings Table includes Bupa as an insurance company that our research team has rated and ranked for its ethics. The insurance provider has yet to fulfil our ethical criteria, but we expect that the brand will make the necessary changes in the future to function as a more ethical organisation. Bupa can boost customer confidence and acquire exact ethical suggestions by obtaining Ethical Accreditation.

Our complete guide to finding Ethical Insurance has more details about the significance of ethical insurance, and the particular sector issues affecting the Environment, People and Animals. You can also use our Ethical Insurance Rating Table to compare Bupa to other insurance providers.

What does Bupa do?

Bupa was created in 1947, being the first major company health insurance scheme in the UK. Bupa stands for the British United Provident Association Ltd. Bupa provides a range of healthcare and health insurance, and operates healthcare companies not just in the UK, but also in Australia, Spain and Hong Kong.

For which criteria does Bupa perform poorly? 

Bupa scores a middle rating for its Carbon Disclosure & Reduction Targets and its Responsible Investment Policy. Bupa only discloses Scope 1 and 2 emissions; it receives a middle grade due to not disclosing its Scope 3 emissions.

What are Scope 1, 2 & 3 Carbon Emissions?

Carbon Emissions reporting often falls within three scopes, which detail the reach of the reductions. For example, Scope 1 might describe direct emissions created by the company, in their offices or transport, or production of a service or product. Scope 2 describes indirect emissions caused by purchases related to the business, such as energy and power. Scope 3 accounts for carbon emissions from the wider product or service chain; for example, does a product sold by a brand continue to emit or cause or use greenhouse gases (GHG) after it has been sold by the company? For more information on the difference between Scope 1, 2 & 3 Carbon Emissions, see this article by Climate Partner.

Past Criticisms of Bupa’s ethical record

Bupa was criticised after having to pay $6 million in penalties for making misleading representations and wrongly accepting additional payments from residents in care homes. Read more on this story about Bupa’s deception and court case here.

The company also breached protocol from the Care Quality Commission within its care homes in the UK and Australia.

In what areas does Bupa score well for its ethics?

Due to no criticisms or below-benchmark statements being found, the Insurance provider also receives a high rating within our Irresponsible Lending, Political Donations and Environmental Destruction categories.

How could Bupa improve its ethical rating?

By improving its Environmental Report to include all three scope emissions, as well as tackling the human rights issues it has been criticised for, Bupa could improve its Good Shopping Guide Ethical Rating.

For more detailed guidance on how to grow and aspire to be one of the best and most ethical insurance providers, Bupa can apply for Ethical Accreditation.

The Good Shopping Guide divides a brand’s Ethical Rating into three research categories: the Environment, People, and Animals. Find more on how we rate and research insurance companies’ ethics here.

Why not look at The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with an insurance firm that prioritises ethics, or if you are looking for methods to boost your sustainability and CSR initiatives? Insurance companies like Aviva and ETA have profited from this accreditation of ethics and sustainability. To learn more, get in touch with us, or fill out our quick initial assessment form to get started.

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