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Daim Bar

How ethical and sustainable is Daim bar? 

Daim is a chocolate brand owned by Mondelēz and is part of The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table. Daim does not meet our ethical benchmark and we hope that the brand will make adequate changes toward becoming ethical. Daim could increase ethical consumer and investor confidence by applying for Ethical Accreditation, in which The Good Shopping Guide will conduct a further assessment to notice areas for ethical improvement.

Learn more about Fairtrade chocolate with The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Chocolate.

What does Daim Bar do?

In 1953 Daim was launched in Sweden and Norway was initially named Dajm; this was only changed in 1990 to Daim which we know today. Daim Bar is owned by Mondelēz International. For more information on its history visit 

The Daim bar is Mondelēz chocolate and its sole product is caramel coated in chocolate. For more information on how Daim bar and other brands rank visit our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table.

For which criteria does Diam Bar perform poorly? 

Daim gets a low score in multiple areas including Animal Welfare, Political Donations and GM usage. This is down to Mondelēz who is the company that makes Daim chocolate; it released a policy on Genetically-Modified ingredients suggesting that the company is not opposed to and justifies its usage of them. Find out more on this here.

Over the years the brand has made thousands of pounds worth of political donations toward US elections which reflects negatively on its ethical rating. Animal Welfare within Mondelēz is described as follows, that Mondelēz does not directly test on animals but would not rule out suppliers or address this as an issue with them if they were to adopt this technique.

Mondelēz was able to provide minimal or no evidence to farm animal welfare suggesting that they do not believe that this is an issue that concerns them as a business.

Past Criticisms of Daim Bars’ ethical record

Daim Bar offers a limited range of its products by not offering vegan chocolate as an option for consumers, but perhaps the largest ethical issues are found within the parent brand Mondelēz.

It has been found guilty in past years of purchasing palm oil from unethical palm oil sites from undercover investigations conducted by the Rainforest Action Network. Read more about the horrific working standards in these palm oil farms here.

Mondelēz failed in its commitment to end deforestation as between 2019-2020 tree loss was 3.7% higher, showing that the pledge that large chocolate companies made was not being kept.

In what areas does Daim Bar score well for its ethics?

Daim Bar performed well in its Environmental Report. Mondelēz laid out a range of specific environmental targets. The brand has no armaments or nuclear criticisms.

How can Daim bar improve its ethical rating?

The Good Shopping Guide uses three main criteria to define how ethical a brand is. These are the Environment, People and Animals. Find out more about How We Rate.

Daim must look at the supply chain that its parent company uses and cut out any animal testing involved. Daim must ensure that Animal Welfare becomes a core value within the business; it must also look into the sourcing of palm oil and find a way to counter the deforestation that it is causing.

Why not check into Ethical Accreditation with The Good Shopping Guide if you work for or with a chocolate company that places ethics at its core? From this certification of sustainability and ethics, chocolate companies like Seed & Bean, Alter Eco, Wunder Workshop, and Raw Living have all benefited. Contact us to learn more, or complete our brief initial assessment form.

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