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Global online fashion retailer, Asos, has announced plans to ban mohair, cashmere and silk from 2019. Citing changing consumer attitudes, specifically toward animal welfare, the company is looking to move beyond animal-derived products.

What is notable about the move, as reported by the Guardian, is that it gives further evidence to changing consumer awareness among younger generations that, in this case, are a key demographic for the Asos brand. The change in policy serves as one in a string of recent examples, in which company’s have explicitly cited shifting consumer attitudes as a primary inspiration for new sustainability policies or broader ethical action.

The news has been received as extremely positive by animal welfare activists, with Elisa Allen, Peta UK’s director, commenting: “The global online retail platform is reflecting a profound shift in public attitudes towards the rearing and killing of animals for fashion.”Asos firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics […]. Asos is committed to working with industry expert groups to support the ongoing research, development and implementation of animal welfare standards and transparency in the leather supply chain.

More on Asos’ animal welfare policy can be found here.

*Currently, Asos ranks among the very top on the ethical fashion tables. In our latest research, they received a 73 ECI.

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