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Organic Blooms

How ethical is Organic Blooms?

Organic Blooms is included in The Good Shopping Guide‘s Flower Delivery Ethical Ratings Table. In our Ratings Table, the brand obtains a strong Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score and in turn reaches our Ethical Benchmark and can be considered an ethical brand. We hope to encourage other flower delivery companies to follow Organic Blooms’s lead and implement more ethical rules and procedures within its business.

More information on the best sustainable Flower Delivery may be found in The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Flower Delivery Companies. Then, in our Flower Delivery Ethical Ratings Table, compare it to other suppliers.

What does Organic Blooms do?

The brand began selling flowers to friends in 2006 to having a national online flower delivery service in 2012. In 2017 Organic Blooms achieved its Soil Association Certification and is one of the very first certified organic flower growers in the UK. Organic Blooms is owned by Natureworks CIC. The brand is a Social Enterprise that has more of a focus on addressing social and environmental challenges rather than making a profit. You can read more on the brands’ aims and values here.

In what areas does Organic Blooms perform well? 

Organic Blooms performs well in many areas of business. The brand receives a high score for all Environmental criteria, no Animal Welfare concerns as well as no links to any Armaments, Political Donations or Public Record Criticisms. Organic Blooms’ website discusses the organic certification and the environmental benefits of organic farming, with Soil Association Certified products.

How could Organic Blooms rate higher on our Ethical Flower Delivery Companies Ratings Table

Organic Blooms is eligible for Ethical Accreditation due to its strong score according to The Good Shopping Guide; this eligibility is examined by researching the Environment, People and Animals within a company and how much the brand considers these social, environmental and ethical factors in its sustainable business practice. Learn more about our rating system.

Ethical Accreditation acts as a certification for companies to show that it satisfies an ethical standard and increases consumer trust in a brand. Organic Bloom should apply for Ethical Accreditation as it suits the brands aims and values. Organic Blooms might raise its ranking for ethical behaviour by including Fairtrade products into the brands product range.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a Flower Delivery Company that values business ethics, or is looking to improve your current business sustainability, CSR and ESG initiatives and policies? This Accreditation has already benefited other Floristry brands like Arena Flowers, Prestige Flowers and Bloom.

Contact us to learn more about Ethical Accreditation, or complete our short form for an initial ethical evaluation of your brand.

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