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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

Supporting and Promoting the Best Ethical Companies and Brands.

Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide

For nearly 25 years, The Good Shopping Guide has been the trusted and established independent authority for consumers seeking to make ethical choices. From our early days in print to our current, free-to-access online platform, we have consistently provided comprehensive Ethical Ratings tables for a wide range of consumer product sectors, from soup to energy suppliers. Our mission remains the same: to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to shop only from genuinely ethical companies. We prioritise the needs and interests of consumers who want to make ethical choices.

Why Our ETHICAL Mark Matters

Millions of discerning and opinion-forming consumers have used our website to compare ethical scores and identify companies committed to ethical practices. These consumers are passionate about making choices that reflect their values and will always choose brands that meet true ethical criteria. The Ethical Accreditation mark signifies a brand’s genuine ethical standards – a matter of fact, not fiction.

Our Rigorous Research Process

Our dedicated research team evaluates companies against over 30 ethical criteria, including Environmental Sustainability, Human Rights, Animal Welfare and ESG Factors. What sets us apart from other accreditation bodies is our additional focus on company behaviour and criticisms. This ensures that companies cannot simply greenwash their way to a better rating; they must genuinely adhere to ethical practices.

Partnering for a Better Future

We have formally endorsed over 200 extraordinary companies and brands, whose initiatives and policies align with our ethical criteria. These include Neal’s Yard, Aviva, Octopus Energy, General Accident, Green People, Highland Spring, and Charity Bank. By sharing these great brands with our audience, we help promote ethical business practices and support companies making a positive impact.

How We Differ from B Corp

While we acknowledge the recent work B Corp is doing with businesses, our Accreditation and ETHICAL mark are primarily designed for the consumer. Our mark is widely recognised by hundreds of thousands of consumers and our website is the leading, free reference point for ethical shopping choices. Research confirms that consumers understand the significance of our mark compared to other well-established eco-labels; our clear, concise accreditation mark effectively communicates a company’s premier commitment. There are thousands of B Corps, but only a few have reached our high benchmark and achieved our more selective Ethical Accreditation.

Join Us!

Complete a Free Initial Assessment form for quick feedback from our research team on your potential for accreditation, or contact [email protected] with any further questions.


This is a part of a series written by Kat Alexander – one of the Directors of The Good Shopping Guide – to share important information about The Good Shopping Guide and its work supporting and promoting the best ethical companies.


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