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How ethical is Hildon?

The Good Shopping Guide ranks Hildon as a top Ethical Water Bottle brand. In our Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Table, the firm achieves an exceptional Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score, passing our ethical standards and being designated a ‘good’ ethical brand. We encourage other bottled water companies to evaluate and learn from Hildon’s ethical practices in order to operate more ethically, sustainably and responsibly.

For more information on the value of ethical plastic water bottles, see The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Bottled Water. Then, in our Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Table, compare it to other water bottle brands.

What does Hildon do?

Hildon was launched in 1989 when Christian Heppe purchased the Hildon estate and discovered the purity of the water source. Hildon water received a Royal Warrant in 2017 after years of
supplying products to Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth II. The brand is committed to sustainability and puts it at the forefront of all of its actions.

In what areas does Hildon perform well? 

Hildon’s environmental page speaks about the installation of solar panels and renewable energy as well as mentions of other sustainabilty issues. As Hildon is a small-scale bottled water brand, this Environmental Report receives a top rating. Hildon also receives a high score for Genetic Modification as they only sell water- based products (which cannot be genetically modified), and have no links to any Political or Nuclear issues, or Armaments.

How could Hildon rate higher on our Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Tables? 

Due to the core values of Hildon, it would be hugely beneficial to the brand if they applied for Ethical Accreditation. Hildon’s score has been decided based on three main criteria: the Environment, Animals, and People within a company, and how much the brand considers this in its business practices. Find out more about how we rate and research brands.

A brand may use Ethical Accreditation and our Ethical Mark to increase customer trust. It’s also a certification for brands to demonstrate that they run ethically to investors, stakeholders and those who fund the business.

If you work for or with a bottled water business, why not look into The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation? Brands including Highland Spring, One Water, Brecon Carreg, and Clearer Water have benefited from this our Ethical Mark, sustainability certification and business ethics consultancy. For more information on Ethical Accreditation for your bottled water company, get in touch with us, or fill out our quick form for a preliminary assessment on sustainability and ethics.

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