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How ethical is Strathmore?

Strathmore is a highly rated ethical water bottle brand on The Good Shopping Guide. The brand receives an above-average, excellent Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score in our Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Table, passing our ethical requirements and being rated a ‘good’ ethical brand. We urge other bottled water manufacturers to examine Strathmore’s ethical procedures and learn from them in order to operate more responsibly.

Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Bottled Water for additional details regarding the value of ethical plastic bottles and bottled water. Then, compare it against other water bottle brands in our table of ethical bottled water ratings.

What does Strathmore do?

Commercial production of Strathmore started in the 1960s. The brand sells a range of still and sparkling spring water including Strathmore twist, a range of bottled water with a hint of natural flavours. The water is bottled at the vale of Strathmore, in Scotland. The brand now operates under a parent company, AG Barr Plc, which acquired Strathmore in 2006.

In what areas does Strathmore perform well? 

Most of the rating categories used by The Good Shopping Guide award Strathmore high marks. The parent company of the brand, AG Barr Plc, has a Responsibility report with a number of environmental goals with a focus on water and waste management, packaging, sustainable sourcing, and carbon reduction. The parent company also has a GMO policy that declares that none of its goods include GMOs.

How could Strathmore rate higher on our Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Tables? 

Strathmore’s key ethical ideals make applying for Ethical Accreditation very advantageous for the business. Three primary factors—how much the brand takes into account the environment, animals, and people inside a company—have been used to determine Strathmore’s Ethical Score. Learn more about our rating and brand research methodology.

A company can use our Ethical Mark and Ethical Accreditation to gain customers. Additionally, it serves as accreditation for brands to show stakeholders, financiers, and investors that they operate ethically.

Why not look into The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you are employed by or associated with a bottled water company? Our Ethical Mark, sustainability certification, and corporate ethics counselling have benefited brands like Highland Spring, One Water, Brecon Carreg, and Clearer Water. Get in touch with us for more information about Ethical Accreditation for your bottled water business, or complete our short form for a rapid evaluation of sustainability and ethics.

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