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Thirsty Planet

How ethical and sustainable is Thirsty Planet? 

The Ethical Bottled Water Ratings Table from The Good Shopping Guide includes Thirsty Planet as a bottled water brand. It presently falls short of our Ethical Benchmark, but we are hopeful that in the future the brand will make the necessary adjustments to run as a more responsible and repsonsible business.

Thirsty Planet could increase customer and investor confidence by applying for Ethical Accreditation to allow for a more in-depth evaluation that will provide recommendations for ethical improvement.

Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Bottled Water for additional details regarding the value of ethical plastic bottles and bottled water brands.  Then, compare it against other water bottle brands in our table of Ethical Bottled Water ratings.

What does Thirsty Planet do?

Thirsty Planet is a water bottle brand that pledges to make a fixed donation with every bottle sold. The brand sources its water from Harrogate and is owned by Danone after it acquired a majority stake in Harrogate water in 2020. The brand offers still and spring water in both glass and plastic packaging.

For which criteria does Thirsty Planet perform poorly? 

Thirsty Planet’s Public Record and Animal Welfare policies have all received low ratings from The Good Shopping Guide. Danone, the brand’s parent company, is to blame for this; according to the company’s website, animal testing is done to ensure the safety of new products. PETA has also launched accusations against Danone, including that the conglomerate dehorns calves in a painful procedure. A petition against Danone’s treatment has been made.

Past Criticisms of Thirsty Planet’s ethical record

Danone, the parent company of Thirsty Planet, was criticised by Global Witness after it came to light that the business’s Amazonian Brazilian suppliers were involved in illegal land grabs. You can also read about research Talking Trash released that claimed Danone had misled the public about its dedication to trash reduction here.

In what areas does Thirsty Planet score well for its ethics?

Thirsty Planet’s investment in Fossil Fuels, GMOs statement, and its good Environmental Reports all receive top marks from The Good Shopping Guide. The website for Danone’s 2030 objectives provides a list of objectives as well as updates on the company’s progress toward achieving each goal.

How can Volvic improve its ethical rating?

Thirsty Planet could apply for Ethical Accreditation for specific sustainability and business ethics advice and evaluation by The Good Shopping Guide. Thirsty Planet might enhance its Ethical Score and fulfil our fundamental ethical standards by removing all animal experimentation from its supply chains. Consumers may be concerned about pesticides from surrounding agricultural land getting into the water supply, and such a statement would clarify this for both consumers and investors.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or are affiliated with a brand that sells bottled water and also values ethics? A number of brands, including Clearer Water, Brecon Carreg, Highland Spring, and One Water, have benefited from this certification of sustainability and ethics. Contact us to find out more about Ethical Accreditation, or complete our short form to receive a quick evaluation.

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