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The world’s largest soft drinks company, Coca-Cola, is facing increasing pressure to scrap its use of plastic bottles.

In the time it took you to read the opening sentence of this article, Coca-Cola will have produced over 9000 brand new plastic bottles. According to Greenpeace analysis, 100 billion throwaway plastic bottles are produced every year, which amounts to about 3,400 throwaway plastic bottles every second.

The problem is that plastic bottles often get thrown away, and it has been estimated that approximately one rubbish truck worth of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans every single minute.

If you have any doubt about this problem, the science is in and it is clear. Our seas have become a plastic graveyard .

While it is important that individual’s recycle and help do their part, businesses also have responsibility when it comes to sustainability.

“Single-use plastic bottles make up nearly 60% of all the drinks packaging Coke sells around the world”, writes Louisa Casson. “Given that Coke sell 1.9 billion drinks servings every single day – that’s a lot of plastic!”

Greenpeace has called on Coca-Cola to help take responsibility and assist in creating a transformative shift in the way we consume plastic.

Coca-Cola have a moral duty to act for our oceans. Can you spare a few minutes and ring home a few truths to Coca-Cola?

While the soft-drinks giant tells its customers to take responsibility, the reality is ignored that the company “got less than halfway towards its 2015 target to get a mere quarter 25% of plastic bottles from “recycled or renewable sources””.

After missing its 2015 target, Coke now has no further global targets to use more recycled content across its plastic bottles.

In addition to this, Coca-Cola has also been caught on a number of occassions lobbying against recycling plans. Three recent reports can be found here and here and here.

You can assist Greenpeace’s campaign calling on Coke to help lead against the pollution problem via the following link.

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