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Electricity Suppliers: Power, Pollution and Politics

by | May 25, 2021 | Ethical Shopping Blog

The research team at The Good Shopping Guide has published our updated Ethical Rating Table for the Electricity Suppliers sector. Our research covers a broad range of ethical criteria, including companies’ environmental policies, involvement in pollution, and the percentage of renewable energy within their fuel mix.

When evaluating Electricity Suppliers, our researchers found Environmental issues to be the key source of discussion and cause of concern within this sector. This is largely due to the sector’s strong association with pollution, which includes high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, contamination of waterways with toxic substances, and overall environmental degradation. Despite this strong negative history, many Electricity Suppliers are moving away from environmentally destructive practices and instead are opting for more sustainable energy sources. One example of this includes offering renewable tariffs, which are signified on our table by a * following the company name. Our research has found that the majority has embraced this trend towards sustainable options with 56% of Electricity Suppliers rated offering renewable tariffs.

In addition, the research team has found that Electricity Suppliers generally score well across the criteria of Animals and People. However, we have found that the sector received a mixed score in regards to political donations. This is due to some Electricity Suppliers being found to have made significant donations to major political parties in the last 5 years.

In conclusion, Electricity Suppliers are starting to take note of their environmental impact. The majority of companies assessed have strong environmental reports and are incorporating more sustainable business practices, however many still have involvement in the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries. Additionally, whilst scoring well across Animals and People, the involvement found in political donations remains a concern. Although Electricity Suppliers are continually making progress, there are still substantial improvements to be made. The Good Shopping Guide looks forward to seeing how these changes towards a more ethical and sustainable future are embraced.

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