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Energy Mix: Fossil Fuels, Nuclear and Renewables

by | May 27, 2021 | Ethical Shopping Blog

With factors such as working from home and the rise of electric cars contributing, our domestic energy usage is now higher than ever. As the demand for energy increases, so is consumer concern about the ethics and sustainability of energy sources and suppliers. Due to this, one of the key factors that our research team considers when evaluating an Electricity Supplier is that of energy mix.

Energy mix refers to the percentage of electricity produced from different sources. These typically include fossil fuels (coal & gas), nuclear and renewables (wind, hydro, solar and geothermal). Of these 3, only renewables are an ethical and sustainable choice, which is why we award a top energy mix rating to Electricity Suppliers that offer exclusively renewable energy tariffs. All Electricity Suppliers assessed in our Ethical Rating Table that offer some form of 100% renewable tariff option are marked with an *.

When it comes to choosing an Electricity Supplier, many now offer 100% renewable tariffs, where the electricity comes either directly from a renewable source, uses renewable energy certificates (RECs) or is offset with renewable projects. Due to this, a renewable tariff may not be directly using renewable electricity to power your home. In the case of offsets, non-renewable sources may be used, but the carbon output is offset via various projects for carbon capture. Similarly, RECs may not deliver direct renewable energy, however, each unit of electricity delivered is replaced with an equal unit from a renewable source.

Our assessment shows that Electricity Suppliers offer varying energy mixes in their tariffs. Whilst most companies have tariffs that incorporate renewable sources within their energy mix, we believe that this is not enough. With options such as direct renewable sources, RECs and offsets available, 100% renewable energy is now a more accessible alternative than ever before.

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