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There has been some big news in recent days when it comes to the tech industry. Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is reportedly due for big changes, with the next iteration of the popular handset due for released some time within the next 5 months.

In addition to this, the Samsung 8 is building hype while other brands, such as HTC and their project code named “Ocean“, are cause for some excitement.

Behind this excitement and anticipation, however, is a darker reality that cannot be ignored. This darker reality begins with the harvesting and trade of minerals and the financing of conflict and degradation of human beings. The situation is so dire that, recently, the European Parliament released an urgent report on the matter. Above is a video by EuroparlTV exploring the very serious problem of conflict minerals, and the distressing reality found within the supply chain of some of the world’s most coveted tech brands.

They are called the 3T&G for tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. They are widely used in our mobile phones and many other high-tech products. But these four minerals have a darker side. In several regions of the world, conflicts between armed groups involved in their illegal trade are a major cause of insecurity, poverty and human rights abuses. For the European Parliament, it’s high time for action. The European Parliament has a legitimate and very important goal, to break the link between the trade of minerals which are very important for our industries and the financing of conflict and degradation of human beings.

We ask that you share the video far and wide, and help raise awareness that another way is possible. While ethical and human rights issues are found deep within the mobile phone industry, there is perhaps no greater a focus when it comes to ethical tech than within this very same industry.

Look at Fairphone, for example. We’ve reviewed the Fairphone 2 here, and also ranked Fairphone for overall company ethics here. The European Parliament has affirmed our research and named Fairphone as one of a few global brands who source minerals in a responsible way. In fact, with Fairphone you also get so much more: from quality of phone to brand ethics and even recycling.

Ethical alternatives are growing, and we highly recommend that before your next smartphone purchase you review The Good Shopping Guide’s comprehensive ethical comparison rankings.

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