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Earlier today we released our latest research report and ethical comparison rankings for mainstream UK Furniture brands.

According to WWF, the UK is estimated to be one of the top three importers of illegal timber and wood products in the EU. The EU accounts for 35% of the world’s primary timber consumption. Alarmingly, this means that much of the furniture in our own homes could be made from illegally logged tropical timber. The easy way to avoid buying furniture with such origins is to look out for products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Investigating numerous issues concerning the supply chains of numerous UK furniture brands, we found illegal timber to be a prevalent issue. But sourcing ethical furniture also has a number of other complexities. We found reasons to be concerned across the environment, animal rights and human rights categories. For example, Argos has dropped in ethical ranking (now among the worst for ethics) with poor scores for timber sourcing and human rights. Habitat has also seen a drastic decline in ethical standing.

At the top, Myakka continues to lead the way with a perfect 100 ECI. Scoring top marks across all categories, Myakka also possess Ethical Accreditation and comes with full endorsement by The Good Shopping Guide. A clear ethical leader in the UK furniture market, this news comes at a perfect time as the brand just released its autumn range (a sample pictured above). They are also currently offering 33% off selected pine furniture – you can find the sale on their website.

Following Myakka is Benson’s for Beds, Harvey’s, B&Q, Laura Ashley and The White Company. This concludes the list of top ranking brands.

For more information, see the furniture section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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