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How ethical and sustainable is Provamel? 

Provamel is a plant-based milk brand included in The Good Shopping Guide’s Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table. Provamel does not reach our Ethical Benchmark, but we hope that the brand will make changes in the future to operate as a more ethical company. Provamel would be able to boost customer trust through an application to our Ethical Accreditation, which would include a more detailed brand sustainability assessment producing recommendations for ethical improvement.

Visit The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Vegan Milk for more details on the benefits of Organic milk. You can also compare Provamel to other products in our Vegan Milk Ethical Ratings Table.

What does Provamel do?

Provamel is a plant-based milk brand that started out in 1983, owned by the parent company Danone. The brand states that all its products are organic milk with no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings. The brand produces drinks such as organic milk, plant-based alternatives to yoghurt, cream and desserts.

For which criteria does Provamel perform poorly? 

Provamel receives a low rating for Animal Welfare and public record criticisms. The Animal Welfare issue faced by the brand relates to its parent company Danone; its website states that animal testing is conducted to ensure the safety of its new products. This statement also attests that animal testing in the case of specialised nutrition is still sometimes necessary to advance knowledge.

The brand received a middle rating for political donations as Danone contributed over £47k to US political election cycles.

Past Criticisms of Provamel’s ethical record

Provamel’s parent company Danone has been under fire recently after Global Witness reported on the purchasing of palm oil from suppliers that have been accused of land grabbing, violence and the forced eviction of local communities. Read more on this story here.

Danone also ranked as one of the world’s top plastic polluters in a report from Break Free From Plastic.

In what areas does Provamel score well for its ethics?

Provamel scores well for its Environmental Report, GMO usage, Organic milk products and Fossil Fuels. Danone has a 2030 goals page including a list of targets and progress that has been made towards its ambition. Provamel also has an ingredients page that discusses the brand not using GMOs in its products.

How can Provamel improve its Ethical Rating?

The Good Shopping Guide calculates a brand’s Ethical Score based on three categories: the Environment, People, and Animals. For more precise ideas on how to improve, Provamel should apply for Ethical Accreditation; during this process, Provamel can receive personalised sustainability consultancy and advice.

Provamel might raise its Ethical Rating and meet our minimum ethical standards by removing all forms of animal testing from its products.

If you work for a firm that sells vegan milk, why not check out our Ethical Accreditation? Numerous brands have benefited from our Ethical Mark, sustainability certification, and ethical consultancy. Get in touch with us to learn more about Ethical Accreditation for your vegan milk brand, or fill out our quick form for a rapid evaluation of ethics and sustainability.

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