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It’s the update that many were waiting for – new ethical rankings for the world’s mobile phone brands.

We’re excited to say that the new scores are now live and available for review.

Some positives

There was a lot to this update, with some positive and negative results. One of the notable positives concerns, BlackBerry. The brand has seen an incredible rise up the ethical tech charts and now ranks just under Fairphone with a 91 ECI. While Fairphone still leads in the league table, BackBerry’s ethical performance should not be overlooked.

Image: BlackBerry KEYOne /

It is also worth noting that Honor and Huawei handsets have scored mid-table with 61 ECIs. The main concern here is human rights, with our research team giving the brands bottom marks.

Image: iPhone X /

This brings us to Apple. The tech giant has made huge improvements across all environmental categories. Our research correlates with what was found by Greenpeace in their annual green tech guide. But human rights remains a serious concern, with the iPhone scoring low marks. It is known that Apple is looking to improve its supply chain in these areas, with its recent CSR report emphasising improved working conditions. Hopefully, like with other major handset brands, they follow through on their commitments and see a better overall ethical score in the next update.

Some of the negatives

It is disappointing to see the Google Pixel, Samsung and Sony handsets rank so poorly. All three brands continue to score very badly across environment, human rights and other categories.

UK networks

As for UK networks, GiffGaff remains the leading ethical choice for consumers. But it should be noted that O2 performs very well on the ethical company index, followed by Three and TPO.

Image: giffgaff /

For more information and for a complete breakdown of the latest ethical handset rankings, please see the mobile phones section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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