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We all must take up the fight against climate change. You can help create a more sustainable, green and healthy future by switching to a renewable energy supplier. This action will contribute greatly to reducing your CO2 emissions.

In the UK, making the switch has also never been easier. There now a number of renewable energy suppliers available to the average British consumer. Tariffs are also extremely competitive.

In terms of global trends, the future is certainly green as renewables become increasingly cheaper than fossil fuels. We encourage all of our UK readers to make switch.

For ease of use and to support your transition to green energy, we have an agreement with Energy Helpline. Click on your brand of choice as listed within our Quick Ranking Table, and you will be directed to Energy Helpline where you can then proceed in making your home green powered!

New Ethical Comparison Rankings

In addition to our call for action, this morning we have also released updated ethical comparison rankings for UK energy suppliers.

The big news here is that British Gas, E.On, Sainsbury’s Energy, EDF Energy, npower and Scottish Power all rank bottom for overall ethics. We recommend that you avoid these suppliers.

In more positive news, we are delighted to see Ovo Energy move up a couple places, now ranking among the very top for ethics with a terrific 94 ECI.

Good Energy and LoC02 Energy remain ethical leaders with perfect 100 ECIs. Both also currently have Ethical Accreditation and are highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

For a complete list and breakdown of the new rankings, see the Electricity Suppliers section.

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