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There have been arguments being encircled for some time that livestock has a huge carbon footprint. The biggest scientific analysis to date suggests the huge footprint of livestock is so massive, “it provides just 18% of calories but takes up 83% of farmland”.

The new research effectively highlights that, in a survey of total global farmland, if meat and dairy consumption were to cease, we would see a 75% reduction in farmland used. The researchers also argue that, with this reduction in land use, we could still feed the world. It would also enable rewilding in areas previously lost to agriculture.

As summarised in The Guardian, 86% of all land mammals are now livestock or humans. The scientists also found that even the very lowest impact meat and dairy products still cause much more environmental harm than the least sustainable vegetable and cereal growing

In short, the research reveals that avoiding meat and dairy is the single most effective choice to reducing your impact on Earth.

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