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Here it is! The much anticipated release of our new research on the ethical ranking and comparison of PC, Laptop and Tablet brands.

There are numerous ethical issues surrounding technology today. We live in a throw-away culture where products are regularly upgraded – rather than fixed, which has immense environmental and human rights implications. From the sourcing of materials which go into the products, the people working in the factories making them and the ever-growing problem of electronic waste, we all have a responsibility to put pressure on manufacturers to improve these issues. One very easy way to do this is by making an ethical choice using the latest research published on The Good Shopping Guide – and the good news is, the Ethical Alternative often won’t cost any more!

Of the big well-known brands, some may be surprised to learn that Acer is the highest ranking company with an Ethical Company Index (ECI) score of 96.

Samsung, Apple, Sony, Kindle (Amazon) and HP are among the lowest scoring.

See here to review the entire results of our research and to see how the world’s PC, Laptop and Tablet brands compare for overall ethics.

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