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There are increasingly substantial philosophical and scientific arguments being made about adopting a complete or at least partial vegetarian diet. That said, there are also nuances and the debates will likely rage on. A clear empirical guide begins with the suggestion that reducing red meat consumption is a good first step.

With the popularisation of vegetarianism, there are also a lot more brand options when compared with the shopping choices available a decade ago. But just because a brand is vegetarian, doesn’t necessarily mean the purchase option is ethical. Some brands are owned by much larger manufacturers, who may or may not have their hands in all sorts of nasty things, including less than ethical industrial food practices.

The latest rankings update sees a few changes, including the drop of Goodlife to being among the least ethical of vegetarian options. The popular brand, Quorn, has also seen a drop in ethical grade. Meanwhile the long-running vegetarian food brand, Linda McCartney, has climbed up the charts and now ranks among the most ethical of shopping options.

At the very top also remains Cheatin’ and Vegi-Deli, two very popular brands brought to you by the people at VBites. These brands have ethical accreditation and are highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

For the complete rankings, visit the vegetarian foods section of our leading ethical shopping guide.

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