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There are a number of genuine ethical footwear options available. Our latest ethical comparison rankingsshow which brands are safe to buy and which to avoid!

Today, 29 November 2017, The Good Shopping Guide team released its latest research and ethical index rankings for the world’s shoe and trainer brands.

Over the last twenty years, sweatshops have become a symbol associated with the big-name shoe brands: the likes of Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma. By the end of the nineties, these companies had been accused of a whole range of corporate crimes, from involvement in child labour to lacing workers’ drinks with amphetamines to keep them going through the night. However, following intensive campaigning things are changing, and ‘corporate social responsibility’ is now the phrase on everyone’s lips.

Over the last decade or two, things have begun to slowly improve. Our latest research indicates as much.

Ethical index rankings

Based on our internationally recognised independent research and ethical company report(s), the latest update to the Shoes & Trainers section of The Good Shopping Guide consists of a total of 31 brands. Of those 31 brands researched, it is extremely pleasing to see that 13 have been given a top ranking on the ethical index. This means there are a number of genuine ethical options available to consumers.

Converse now ranks among the least ethical footwear brands.

One of the big pieces of news concerns Converse, who have experienced a rather dramatic fall all the way to the bottom of the ethical league table. The brand was received a very poor 40 ECI, which it shares with Nike (who continues to rank as among the least ethical of global footwear brands).

Timberland, too, has seen a similarly dramatic drop in ethical standing.

Ugg is rated among the top ethical footwear brands.[/caption]

However, in terms of positives, Birkenstock, Dr. Marten, New Balance and Ugg are among a list of brands to climb into the top ethical list.

At the very top are Ethletic, Po-Zu and Veja. But only Po-Zu has attained Ethical Accreditation and are therefore highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

Po-Zu remains a top ethical footwear brand.

For more information, and for a comprehensive breakdown of our research and ethical comparison rankings, visit the Shoes & Trainers section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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