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New ethical rankings for feminine care brands are now available.

In general, the topic of feminine care products seems hard to talk about for many people, women included, but it is notable that more articles are appearing in the popular media exploring feminine care and sustainability or environmentally-friendly guides to sanitary products, addressing questions like: “Should I Flush My Tampon?

With the release of our new ethical company index rankings, this perhaps serves as a time for our readers to continue the discussions as there are a number of ethical alternatives available today.

As for the latest ethical scores: firstly, Lil-lets has moved to a 55 ECI. Bodyform also dropped down to a 55 ECI, meaning both of these brands are now ranked in the ‘avoid’ column. Meanwhile, there were no significant increases in ethical score for any of the brands. The most ethical list continues to be Mooncup, Natracare, Yes, The Diva Cup, and Naty. Of the 5 brands listed, only Mooncup, Natracare and Yes have Ethical Accreditation and are highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

Among the least ethical, environmental and animal rights issues continue to be a concern (among others).

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