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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001


How ethical is Doop?

Doop, a sustainable toothbrush brand owned by Wad Lab, is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s top-rated ethical brands. 

Although Doop does not appear on our Ethical Ratings Tables, its ethical status has been independently verified by The Good Shopping Guide. We encourage other companies to follow Doop’s example and adopt more ethical policies and practices. 

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What makes Doop so sustainable?

Doop is the first ever brand to offer a recycled and recyclable toothbrush, which comes with a removable head so that only a small part of the product needs to be replaced. 

The brand came up with this innovative solution to address the issue of plastic waste in the Oral Care sector, which reflects the brand’s commitment to addressing long-standing environmental issues.

Moreover, Doop works with Ecologi, an environmental organisation which supports businesses with carbon reduction and tree planting. Through its work with Ecologi, Doop has supported several reforestation projects in countries such as Madagascar, Mozambique, and Kenya. 

How did Doop attain Ethical Accreditation? 

Doop has attained Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. This involved an application process and a full review of the brand’s ethical policies and practices. Doop is subject to an annual review to ensure the company maintains high ethical standards.

As a result, Doop is permitted to use our Good Shopping Guide Ethical logo, which certifies the brand’s ethical status and allows consumers to recognise Doop as an ethical brand. 

It is important to note that Doop has achieved Ethical Accreditation on a brand level and has therefore been assessed independently from its parent company, Wad Lab.