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At the four-day World Cocoa Conference in Berlin, an emerging message was that coordinated efforts were required to tackle some of the biggest issues in the industry. Poverty, immense deforestation and human rights abuse are some of the pressing concerns about the global cocoa sector and its supply chain.

The somber realisation that “whatever we’ve been doing all these years doesn’t seem to work”, as notes by Jean-Marc Anga, executive director at the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), appears a central theme of the conference. “This is not sustainability as we envisaged it”, he continued.

With that followed a pledge by companies, governments and certifiers – a commitment to a coordinated effort to tackle ongoing issues in the cocoa supply chain.

But the problems currently faced run deep, as reported by Reuters. “Chocolate makers and processors must also ensure they are paying a fair price to farmers, who currently command only 6 percent of the $100 billion value chain, the ICCO said”. It is estimated that in 2017 chocolate companies saved close to $3.5 billion due to falling commodity prices, “yet none of it made its way to cocoa growers”.

Moving forward, it was noted that actions must include a more fair system in addition to stronger management of production policies, and also policies that help crack down on illegal farms.

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