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It’s difficult keeping track of all the calendar days marked for particular celebration. But it just so happens that today is World Chocolate Day, where people celebrate all things derived from the humble Theobroma cacao seeds.

For some, every day is chocolate day. But the occasion at least serves as a reminder to think about and review how your favourite chocolate brands rank and compare on the ethical index.

People seem much more interested than they used to be in where their favourite foods come from and how they are grown. They need to be, because the processes behind the trading of the most important commodities, such as cocoa, can be very ugly indeed. Major concerns include the use of child labour and exposure of workers to dangerous pesticides such as lindane. As ever, one solution for the need of ethical chocolate is to buy fair trade.

Currently the top ranked chocolate brands in The Good Shopping Guide are Seed & Bean, Plamil, Traidcraft, Divine and Montezuma’s. Only Seed & Bean have ethical accreditation and are highly recommended.

We also recently reviewed a selection of Divine chocolate bars, which you can find here.

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