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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

See our Ethical Cleaning Products Ratings Table to compare brands

Why is it important to buy eco-friendly cleaning products?

Household cleaning products are a necessity. But how do you ensure that your clean home does not come with a big environmental cost? Identify the best eco-friendly cleaning products, so you can do your cleaning sustainably. Here, we explore the ethical issues amongst many cleaning products brands and discuss how you can address them.

Head over to our Ethical Cleaning Products Ratings Table to see even more information on the best eco-friendly cleaning products from ethical cleaning products brands. Simply look for cleaning products brands within the green section of our table, particularly those that have received our Ethical Accreditation for their positive ethical policies and practices. 

Our research: The ethical problems with many cleaning products brands

Firstly, many cleaning products brands use toxic chemicals within their products, which poses a risk to both the environment and your health. For instance, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that formaldehyde, which can be found in some cleaning products, may cause skin irritation and potentially increase the risk of cancer. 

These toxic substances can also pollute rivers and streams when rinsed down the sink, causing harm to our natural ecosystems and marine life. It is therefore important to find eco-friendly cleaning products made without the use of toxic chemicals. This will not only help the planet, but also protect your own health!

Plastic pollution is also a big problem amongst many cleaning products brands, as products are typically made with single-use plastic. Although recyclable packaging is becoming more available, a recent Greenpeace UK article reveals that thousands of tonnes of plastic that we put into our recycling bins ends up in waste incinerators. The contents of your recycling bin may therefore be contributing to air pollution from the burning of plastic, instead of actually being recycled.  

Cleaning products brands and the use of toxic chemicals

Unfortunately, less than half of the cleaning products brands in our ethical comparison ratings table receive a top rating for their Toxic Chemicals Policy, which means over half the brands in our list are using some form of toxic substance in their products. This includes popular cleaning products brands such as Cillit Bang and Dettol, which we recommend avoiding if you want to find eco-friendly cleaning products that do not harm yourself or the environment. 

Additionally, some cleaning products brands are owned by large unethical companies, which are involved in an array of unethical practices. For instance, Cif is owned by Unilever, which has been criticised for plastic pollution, deforestation, and human rights abuses. Similarly, Flash is a subsidiary of Procter & Gable, which has been implicated in controversial activities such as the use of hazardous chemicals and poor environmental practices.

Ethical cleaning products, plastic pollution, marine wildlife

Our advice: How to find the best eco-friendly cleaning products

There are many cleaning products brands that aren’t involved in the unethical activities we have discussed. If you are looking for the best eco-friendly cleaning products, one of these brands may suit your needs. 

For the best eco-friendly cleaning products, we have several brands on our list that have received our Ethical Accreditation, which is our stamp of approval for their ethical status. Xtra, ECO.3, and GBPro all offer great options for eco-friendly cleaning products, with all three brands confirming that they do not use toxic chemicals.

Additionally, to reduce your plastic consumption, you may want to consider purchasing refillable cleaning products or buying in bulk. ECO.3 and GBPro offer options for refillable eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as other brands in the green section of our table.

See our Ethical Cleaning Products Ratings Table to compare brands

The Good Shopping Guide‘s independent research team has investigated every brand that appears on our Ethical Cleaning Products Ratings Table. As well as researching their certifications and eco-claims, and giving these brands a rating, we’ve also written up articles detailing every brands’ history, and their ethics and sustainability efforts. Click on any brand name to read more.

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